Snow and Ice Removal

We'll Keep Your Property Safe and Slip-Free This Winter

Snow & Ice Removal Services - Michigan, Florida, Indiana and Illinois   - snow1

P.I.C. Maintenance, Inc., provides customers with efficient and reliable 24 / 7 snowplowing service and ice management during the winter season. Our full fleet of well-maintained vehicles and trained staff provide rapid response after snow or ice storms so as to ensure the safety of individuals as well as accessibility to your facility that is free of snow and ice.

Our Snow and Ice Removal Services Include:

  • Fleet of Reliable-Well Maintained Vehicles
  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Competitive Pricing / Contract Pricing Options
  • Extensive Snow Removal & Ice Management Equipment
  • Trained & Experienced Employees
  • Storm Tracking / Monitoring System Personnel
  • Varieties of Ice Management Solutions & Materials
  • Custom Snow Removal & Ice Management Plans

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