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P.I.C. Maintenance understands that cleanliness is extremely important in making a positive impression and producing a favorable environment for facility guests and employees. Our mission is to deliver "clean daily".

We offer a total package of cleaning services that are performed at an agreed upon regular schedule. We can also create a "Customized" cleaning program to meet your unique or special needs, including budgetary constraints.

Our Comprehensive Janitorial Services Include, But Are Not Limited to:

Regardless of any needs or requirements, P.I.C. Maintenance has the experience to perform any and all cleaning services. The facilities we clean include the following but are not limited to these facility types: Class A, B and C, Medical, Industrial, Critical Environment and Educational.

Commercial Janitorial Services - Michigan, Florida, Indiana and Illinois - dayDay Cleaning Services

Given the importance of maintaining the appearance of the facility(s) throughout the day, it is absolutely essential that day cleaning personnel are experienced in order to deliver their responsibilities effectively.

P.I.C. Maintenance has over 25 years of experience with providing different varieties of day cleaning services ranging from full time day cleaning to stipulated day cleaning services.

Commercial Janitorial Services - Michigan, Florida, Indiana and Illinois - grrencleaningGreen Cleaning

Since 1999, P.I.C. Maintenance has incorporated being "ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE" a company standard that focuses on the cleaning process and its effect on the health of the user, occupant, patient, visitor and the indoor and outdoor environment.

The products we use are friendly to the surfaces that we clean, the people using the products, your employees and the environment. We go to great lengths to make sure that we only use the required amount of product necessary to do the job.

We are committed to providing and using products, programs and procedures that meet and / or exceed health and environmental standards while providing cost effective benefits to our clients in order achieve maintenance goals.