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AT P.I.C., We Acknowledge and Appreciate That Without "You," There is No "Us."

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - customersforlife

We strive to be the only company you need to maintain your property to the highest standards. Our comprehensive services are just that- comprehensive. If it’s dirty, we clean it; if you need something done, just ask. Unlike other cleaning companies, we are not limited to a list of services. We are flexible with our time and our tasks, so you never have to worry about the unexpected.

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - refHere's what some of our clients have to say about their experience with us:

“P.I.C. Maintenance, Inc’s services were of the highest quality, efficiency and most Important, cost effectiveness. They live up to their slogan, “the only commercial Cleaning company you will ever have to hire”. P.I.C. was committed, fulfilled their Promises and exceeded in meeting the high standards and expectations at AAM.“

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - stars

Nabil S.
Global Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain Manager

“The P.I.C. employees are second to none with their reliability, personal integrity and strong work ethic that you just don’t see anymore. P.I.C.’s supervision and follow-up are excellent and key to their success.”

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - stars

Kathy G.
Vice President - Operations

“While other janitorial vendors struggle with employee retention and security issues, as well as delivering the quality services required on a consistent basis, P.I.C. has successfully implemented the very basic premise of our cleaning contract agreement: ‘If it’s dirty, clean it.”

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - stars

Kim S.
Property Manager

“P.I.C. has provided us with excellent service as it relates to the day to day cleaning of our buildings, construction clean ups and various unexpected, non-routine and oftentimes unusual requests at a moment's notice. Tenants are extremely happy with P.I.C.'s services as well as the landlord. ”

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - stars

Lisa D.
Property Manager

“P.I.C. does a wonderful job supervising and goes above and beyond what is required. I feel that I have acquired a security company as well as a janitorial services since all of your staff are constantly on the look out for any unusual activity or incidents and we receive daily reports and sometimes night time calls regarding anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. ”

Customers For Life - P.I.C. Maintenance - stars

Susan H.
Senior Property Manager