Reliable Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois

With over 350 full and part time employees and over 55 "on-call" trained personnel, P.I.C. Maintenance is prepared to support your facility's needs in peak seasons or special circumstances. All of our employees are thoroughly trained in every aspect of housekeeping and janitorial services. Employee retention is extremely high which translates into positive on-the-job attitudes, professionalism and quality performance.

P.I.C. Maintenance, Inc. is a 25 year old State of Michigan based company specializing in commercial cleaning and building maintenance services. The companies we service consist of a wide variety of industries including automotive, financial, medical, technical, communications and food services. With over 20 million square feet of properties in its service portfolio, P.I.C.'s success has been built on the philosophy of "If it's dirty, clean it - no questions asked.”

P.I.C. is the last Building Maintenance Company you'll ever have to hire!
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